Giving Faith to the faithless, Hope to the hopeless and

Love to the unloved

Angel of Hope gives Faith, Hope and Love to poverty stricken, unloved and neglected people in need, providing inspiration that will help them to get through their tough times. It's not always easy to live your life and face the world with a smile on your face, when you're hurting deep down inside.

There is Hope for the helpless and Love for the broken heart

Our mission is to help people replace their fears with Hope so they can live their life with a positive attitude. We inspire, encourage and defend those in need when they feel discouraged by life`s challenges. Angel of Hope is a positive light to others, even in the darkest of moments. Built on Christian principles, we are here to serve the poor, torn and forgotten. We help those who are hopeless, confused and unloved because we believe that Hope can produce Miracles in peoples lives. When a person has Faith in their future and sees the light, they can always move past their challenges. By having Compassion and Love for others, this world will become a better place so be an "Angel" and help us to make a difference in someone`s life.

"Everybody needs an Angel"

Angel of Hope Charity
P.O. Box 448 Campbelltown S.A. 5074 AUSTRALIA

Phone:08 8365 2108