Our Story

On the 4th of March 1997 a 38 year old man was rushed to a major hospital in Adelaide, for an emergency operation with no idea that his life would change forever. After surgery while still in the recovery room, Steve Bradbrook suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing, which then followed by a cardiac arrest. He officially died at 11:25 P.M.

While he laid on a hospital bed deceased, Steve then had what you would call a 'Spiritual Experience' and was later brought back to life to the surprise of the doctors. He then told those present that he had seen a brilliant white light and was drawn towards it, a light that was brighter than anything else he had ever seen before on earth. Steve was asked if he had seen anyone to which he replied, "I recognised Him walking towards me with His arms opened wide, it was Jesus. He said to me that it was not my time and that He was sending me back to earth. Jesus instructed me to tell others about what had happened. Steve feels privileged that he had been given a second chance at life.

While returning from a trip to the USA, he glanced out of the plane window and noticed a beautiful sunrise breaking through the clouds. Thinking back to what had happened to him on the 4th of March 1997, Steve was spiritually inspired with a vision to start the Angel of Hope Charity. We give Hope to the hopeless, Love to the unloved and inspiration to others in need. Angel of Hope was officially opened on the 22nd of December 2001 by the Honourable Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Alfred Huang in the presence of 250 guests.

Today, Steve inspires others by sharing his uplifting story and is available as a speaker at your next meeting, seminar or conference.